For Halloween this year, I went as a cubist painting:

Me as a cubist painting

Matt and I independently came up with costume ideas on Friday night and spent Saturday afternoon at my house making them. Pictures of his (awesome) costume should be up on his site soon.

As you can see (more or less, anyway – sorry for the blurry pic), the costume wasn’t really conducive to talking or drinking due to the lack of mouth on the mask. Note that these two activities tend to take center stage at Halloween parties such as the two I attended on Saturday night. So, in fact, I spent much of the time with the mask off carrying on conversations and imbibing. But it was a good concept.

Yesterday, aside from being Halloween, was the end-of-the-season tournament for BUDA Fall Hat League. This marked the end of my frisbee playing for this year, and that’s sad. Our team, Opa!, went 3-1 on the day and had a blast – the weather was unbelievable for October 31st, the ground was prime for laying out, and we definitely came together as a team. Fun stuff.

And the election is tomorrow?! I don’t really want to start making claims about leaving the country if Bush wins, but, all the same, I’d be really unhappy if Bush won. How a man can be so oblivious to reality really boggles my mind.

posted November 1, 2004 – 6:07 am
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