I guess it was around 9:30 this morning when I was still in my pajamas that I realized I wasn’t going to work. There’s about 8″ of snow outside, though, so I’m not entirely without excuse (the driving really wouldn’t have been fun).

I won an E-Bay auction for a Canonet QL17 yesterday – hopefully I’ll have it by the weekend. Hooray for new toys!

In other camera-related news, I did some work on replacing the ground glass in my Rolleiflex, which cracked more in transport back from NYC at Thanksgiving (even though it was pretty chipped to begin with, I gotta be a little more careful). The nice folks at the Shards stained glass studio helped me cut rectangles of the appropriate size from “micro plate glass,” which happens to be exactly the same thickness as the original ground glass. I tried using sandpaper to get a roughed up surface on the glass, but it appears either etching or using powdered abrasives is the way to go.

posted December 27, 2004 – 8:34 am
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