I’ve been reading up a bit on audio recording under Mac OS X. My situation is this: I used a MiniDisc device to record an interview with my grandmother recently, and I’d love to have that audio on my computer (a Mac) in digital format.

It appears I have at least the following options:

  1. Attempt to use the line out port on the MiniDisc player in conjunction with the Mic input on my computer, as well as recording software (such as the free Audacity). I believe this may work, but it likely won’t sound too good ’cause the output from the MiniDisc player is line level and the Mac expects mic level input. It’s the cheapest solution, though, so I’m gonna give it a shot when I get home tonight.
  2. The next step up: purchase a Griffin iMic (~$40). This is essentially a better line in jack for the computer – it speaks both line level and mic level.
  3. Even more expensive, but could result in the best quality audio: buy one of these for about $90. It has an optical input so the audio signal is transmitted digitally directly from the MiniDisc player to the computer – no analog involved.

There’s also a long but informative thread on the topic at MacInTouch.

I’ll let you know how tonight’s experiments go.

posted December 13, 2004 – 11:12 am
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