Benjy threw quite a party on Friday night (incriminating pictures already posted by Samara) – it was a Studio 54/1970’s themed affair. Scrounging at the last minute for a costume, I found some awesome, 70’s style sunglasses (visible in pic #2 on Samara’s page) in my desk drawer. Only after 20 minutes of wearing them and not getting a headache did I realize they were my prescription – I’d bought them in the early 90’s. How embarassing.

Shopping today (thanks to Becky for the guidance): for under $100, I got two pairs of pants, a merino wool sweater, a silk/cashmere sweater, and a pair of boxers. And I’ve completely exhausted my capacity for shopping for the next 6 months. Too bad I still need shoes, huh?

I’ve been working on the piano bench in the garage, putting the final coats of finish on it, and have only one thing to say: 20°F is too cold for garage work. Glad it’s gonna be done soon.

Oh, and I bowled a 151 last night.

posted January 17, 2005 – 11:52 am
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