Gonna be in New York between February 12th and the 27th? Check out The Gates while you’re there.

The new computer rocks! I’m currently debating whether or not to buy AppleCare, the extended warranty plan from Apple. Word on the ‘net is mixed – some say you won’t need it, others swear by it. In any event, I have a year to decide, and if I’m gonna do it, I’ll probably wait to see if I get in to Stanford and take advantage of their student discount.

The project for the week is to build a light box. I’ve got to take a few more pictures for my portfolio, and I’d rather do them at home than drag out the big setup at work. I picked up some white background paper, a couple of white pillowcases, and some cheapy light fixtures this weekend, so I’m just a couple PVC parts away from a setup. I’ll let you know how it goes.

posted February 7, 2005 – 6:33 am
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