I’ve arrived in Seattle. Hard to believe I’d been on the road for a full month, but it’s true. I updated the map, but haven’t had a chance to post any more pictures. Soon.

Some interesting (?) statistics about my road trip:

  • Maximum speed: a wimpy 90 mph, but not bad for a hybrid
  • Minimum speed: < 1 mph, waiting for bison to cross the road in Yellowstone
  • Speeding tickets: 0
  • Incidents requiring use of AAA Plus membership: 0
  • Miles traveled: 5000, approximately
  • Tanks of gas: 9
  • Photographs taken: 2000, approximately
  • Consecutive nights spent in a tent: 8
  • Visits to the ER: 1

Not bad…

posted June 28, 2005 – 1:35 pm
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