My stuff arrived in the Door-to-Door container today on schedule, and it took a lot less time to unload than it did to load everything. All the breakables seem to have survived, a testament either to my packing job or their careful driving (or both), and almost everything else is here.

I say almost ’cause I’m missing my stereo (which is on the small side). It could easily have been left behind or snatched up while I wasn’t looking today (though I don’t remember seeing it). I’ll be back in Boston this weekend and can check for it, and while I’m hopeful, I’m not too optimistic.

Stereo aside, I think my apartment will feel more like home now that I’ve got stuff in it. I can cook again, sit on something other than my bed or a stool, and play Scrabble on a full-sized board.

posted September 14, 2005 – 5:33 pm
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