I had a good trip back to Boston this weekend, albeit a brief one. I flew in Friday, left Saturday morning for the wedding in Western Mass., and flew back on Monday afternoon. Unexpectedly, it was 65 and sunny on Saturday afternoon, so they had the ceremony outdoors. In November! In the Berkshires! With the leaves turned and the sun setting in the background, it was spectacular. Also impressive was the band at the reception – Booty Vortex. They’re a twelve person disco/funk/soul band and they could wail. Check ’em out if they’re playing near you.

I tend not to write much about work, but since it definitely falls under the heading of “What’s new and exciting in my life,” I’ll share the news: I got an excellent job recently in Seattle, working for a product development company. I’m starting after Thanksgiving and taking a little time off between that and the construction work I’ve been doing. Hooray for being (mostly) settled and not being outside framing houses during the rainy season in the Northwest!

I spent the afternoon checking boxes and choosing colors to customize my new bag from r.e.load. I’ll be sure to post pics in three to four weeks when I pick it up.

posted November 10, 2005 – 5:19 pm
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