Spring has sprung here in Seattle, and I’ve already started taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Frisbee started yesterday – though we didn’t win, it’s great to be playing with the Rain Dogs folks again.

Somehow, I thought it wouldn’t be too detrimental to play disc before participating in the Big Climb (a fundraiser for leukemia research). Turns out climbing 70 stories really is a lot of work, and playing ultimate for two hours beforehand probably didn’t help my time. That said, I did meet my goal of completing the climb in under 15 minutes (results are here).

After all the physical exertion, I watched a couple of movies this weekend. Recommended is Me and You and Everyone We Know – a great, self-contained movie about quirky folks (and contemporary art). Not really recommended is Thumbsucker. Surprisingly, it wasn’t Keanu that ruined the movie – the not-so-great acting and mediocre writing took care of that.

posted March 20, 2006 – 9:13 am
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