It’s been a while since I ranted political here, but it seems to be time:

If you’re looking to be throroughly depressed with a retrospective on just how likely it is that the 2004 election results are less than legitimate, read this piece by Robert Kennedy. Combined, common sense, an older article analzying the cost of rigging an election vs. winning it legitimately, and Kennedy’s piece don’t paint a pretty picture of voting in the future.

In more depressing news, Washington State now allows pharmacists to refuse to fill a prescription based on moral objections (see the Seattle PI article here). Why do we seem to be adding more discriminatory laws instead of removing existing ones? Wrong direction, folks.

On the slightly brighter side (in that the word is definitely getting out), check out this interview with Al Gore about An Inconvenient Truth and go see the movie this weekend.

Alright, that ought to do for a while.

posted June 2, 2006 – 1:36 pm
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