Our new frisbee team, Shadrach, is coming together nicely, and we’re all psyched for our debut at Kleinman in a few weeks. In preparation, we’re making jerseys, and I somehow got put in charge of designing the logo. Here’s what I came up with:

Shadrach Logo

I definitely have respect for graphic designers (really designers of any kind) – it’s tough to come up with something out of nothing! I’m happy enough with how this came out (it doesn’t suck, basically), but eventually would love to get better at this kind of thing.

Given my current employment status (that is: not at all), I’m thinking about biking down to Portland for the tourney. I’d like to leave the Monday before, and arrive Thursday mid-day so I have some recovery time before launching into two solid days of ultimate. Any advice on a scenic but not-too-long route? There’s this one which seems to be a modified version of the StP route, but there might be better.

posted July 20, 2007 – 7:39 pm
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