I went Monday night to Benaroya Hall to see Joanna Newsom. After going last December to her concert at the Showbox, I was curious how it would be to see her with a full symphony and in a much larger venue. The orchestra behind her was talented, but actually made the experience a lot less intimate – I felt her most successful songs were either solo or with the small band, when they dimmed the lights on the symphony and highlighted her (or the band) with spotlights. Overall, it was still a great evening, and if she’s performing near you, check her out.

After reading about a 7th Circuit Court decision that effectively allows prayer in the Indiana State Legislature, it occurs to me that Bush’s worst legacy might not be the policies he leaves behind, the damage he’s caused to US credibility overseas, or even the war in Iraq, but the prevailing attitude by politicians and judges that if they don’t like what the law says, they can just ignore it. Then again, the other stuff is pretty bad, and it’s hard to say which is worst.

posted October 30, 2007 – 4:23 pm
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