The Pi(e) Party was a great time, though I think my apartment reached capacity during the evening; I might have to find a new venue for next year. I think folks really stepped up the pie-making this year, too – we covered quite the pie gamut, from savory (spanikopita & curry pot pie) to sweet (lemon meringue, ice cream pie, etc.) with several stops (strawberry rhubarb & pineapple cardamom pie) in between.

I forgot to mention that Jared & Chika gave me some great birthday presents – a vintage cake carrier (like this, but in aluminum), a track jacket, and an advance version of Chika’s new line of wallets (a collaboration between her and Slow Loris). Good stuff – thanks!

Though it wasn’t quite as intense as the Herbfarm and Pi(e) Party, the rest of the weekend with Matt was quite enjoyable, and included a trip to Maekawa (always good) and a viewing of Be Kind Rewind (pretty entertaining).

It was tough to head back to work Monday, but it definitely helped knowing I’m leaving for a week and a half in Hong Kong and China on Friday!

posted March 16, 2008 – 11:17 am
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