If you’re in Seattle in the next week, you really owe it to yourself to see Planey B-Boy, a great documentary about an international breakdancing competition (it’s playing at the Varsity). Not only is the dancing unbelievable, but it’s a very-well put together movie – not too much sappiness, but still retains some humanity, and it has some excellent characters. Keep an eye out for the breakdancing grandma! (And it looks like the film is playing in other cities, too – definitely worth a viewing.)

The breakdancing grandma reminds me of a story from college. I had called my grandmother to say ‘hi’, and we were chatting about what she’d been up to lately. Mind you, at this point she was an eighty-something year-old, 5 foot tall woman living on her own in Manhattan. She said she’d been to the movies, and really like a film with “this man, and his dancing.” She said “it was a little violent for my taste, but really funny.” After a bunch more questions, I finally figured out that she’d gone (all alone) to see Rumble in the Bronx – way to go, grandma!

posted April 26, 2008 – 10:46 am
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