Well, my being “busy for at least another week or two” turned in to three or four, and I’m still scheduled to the gills. What’s surprising is that I’ve gotten pretty used to it. In the past, I’d get sick (from too much stress and lack of sleep) or just get fed up enough that I’d cancel plans or drop one or two regularly scheduled activities. But so far, I’ve been sustaining a nearly full schedule for a couple months. Of course I’d prefer a little more free time, but who wouldn’t?

So what have I been up to? Among other things, some volunteer work, frisbee team captaining, a little bit of square dancing, eating, more eating, watching performance art, and some bleach stenciling:

Hedge stencil

Drew recently moved to Capitol Hill (welcome to the ‘hood!), but his old place (“The Hedge”) in Wallingford served as a great hangout and social hub for the past year. To commemorate the temporary dispersal of Hedgers (two of his roommates are moving to NYC for grad school), we made sweatshirts. Not bad, eh?

posted June 12, 2008 – 9:25 am
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