I had a great, if quick, trip to the East Coast and got back on Thursday night. I was in Boston, northwest Connecticut, New Haven, Manhattan, and Boston again, all in the span of 7 days, and saw tons of people (in large part, because of Tova & Pete’s wedding) along the way. I’d say look for pictures soon, but I seem to be pretty bad at putting up photos these days, so don’t hold your breath.

I was a little jealous of all my frisbee friends heading off to Against the Grain this weekend in Oregon, but I probably would have been unhappy to travel again so soon, and it’s been a great weekend in Seattle so far. I installed a new light fixture in my kitchen, played some frisbee, spent some quality time with friends, and made it to the farmers’ market this morning on Capitol Hill.

While at the farmers’ market, I finally got to sample some Half Pint Ice Cream, which was great. The proprietress comes from Jamaica Plain (home of JP Licks), and she knows her ice cream. The chocolate-orange this morning was as good as Berthillon in Paris, previous holder of the “best chocolate-orange ice cream” title. Half Pint takes it away ’cause it’s significantly closer.

With the arrival of Molly Moon’s, Half Pint, and now Full Tilt Ice Cream in White Center, I’m declaring the ice cream drought in Seattle officially over. Since I first arrived three years ago (really, three years?!), it’s been my biggest complaint about Seattle. Guess I need a new complaint!

posted July 20, 2008 – 12:32 pm
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