Recent cheers & jeers:

Boo: Full Tilt Ice Cream turned out to be a bust. They were out of most flavors, the ones I tried weren’t so hot, the pinball tables they have aren’t so hot either, it turns out it’s hard to play pinball and eat ice cream at the same time, and there was a high school band playing in there that made death metal sound like a lullaby. I won’t go back, and neither should you.

Yay: Shadrach won Spawnfest. While we would’ve liked to be in the “Elite” division, I’m glad we did well in “Classic”. The rainy finals game was capped by a pretty spectacular catch by yours truly (sadly, no one was video taping) – a great way to end the weekend.

Boo: Unfortunately, there are only two bids from Sectionals to Regionals this year. The Washington/BC section in particular has quite a few top notch teams (Shadrach, Shazam, Moonshine and D’oh), any of which could beat most regional contenders in other parts of the country. Because the less competitive teams in the area get enough play in city leagues, there’s no incentive for them to participate in the Sectionals tournament, and the number of participating teams directly determines the number of bids to Regionals. So we’ve got six teams, four of them really strong, vying for two bids. It’s gonna be a tough tournament.

Yay: Sam & Jane’s wedding. Check out some photos from a great weekend on Whidbey Island.

And an extra little shout out to website redesign. While it’s not really the most earth-shattering change, it does make me happy.

posted September 2, 2008 – 2:29 pm
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