Taipei was a whirlwind of a week: two days travel (one on either end), three days on the ground. I packed about as much into those three days as I could: visiting a college friend, eating all sorts of fried goodies, wandering neighborhoods, visiting bars & dancing ’til all hours at clubs, and, oh yeah, doing a bunch of work. It was a good time, if way too short.

As previously mentioned, I didn’t have much warning about this trip, and I’m hoping the next one (January or so?) will afford the opportunity to spend an extra couple of days traveling somewhere in Asia. Tokyo appeals, in part because I’m already flying through there, so it’s just a matter of finding a hotel for a couple of nights and exploring. But I’ve also gotten recommendations for Thailand, the Philippines, and rural China. Nice to have so many awesome options!

Before I learned about the Taiwan trip, I bought some tickets to visit friends in San Francisco over Halloween weekend. I might not have planned it that way if I’d known about the 30 hours I was going to spend on a plane the week prior, but it worked out just fine. Thanks to Laura & Alex for their amazing hospitality, and to the Make-Out Room for living up to its name.

Finally, progress again on the robot arm! I found a power supply on eBay, and should be able to get back on the task of getting the motor drivers & control code up and running. From there, I’ll integrate Matt’s inverse kinematics code and see if I can’t get the whole arm moving around.

posted November 3, 2008 – 11:58 am
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