Demine went well, and we raised over $3,000 for the Landmine Relief Fund, a little short of our goal, but a respectable sum all the same. And, as promised, here’s a little writeup about making landmine shaped chocolates for the event.

Lest you think my radio/blog silence implies a lack of activity, know that I’ve been hard at work on the aforementioned event, making some progress on the robot arm, planning my next trip to China (returning via Honolulu – it’s a rough life) in March, also planning a trip to Italy for Paganello (no, really, it’s a rough life) in April, playing ultimate, cooking up a storm, and eating well.

I’m always excited around this time of year, not so much because of my birthday itself (although that doesn’t hurt), but because Matt comes to visit. I think this’ll be the 8th or 9th year in a row that we’ve been in the same place (there were a couple years when we both lived in Boston and he didn’t have to travel), and it’s a tradition I really enjoy. Thanks for coming out, Matt!

Incidentally, this year’s will be the 10th annual Pi(e) Party — hard to believe, but true. I started having the parties as a way to have a birthday celebration that wasn’t too “me” focused. If friends were going feel obligated to bring anything, I wanted it to be something that everyone could enjoy. Pie seemed appropriate enough, given that my birthday is of course pi day, and a tradition was born. Over the years, we’ve had quite the range of pies, from frozen to homemade, apple to strawberry rhubarb to guinness pot pie, and pretty much everything in between. I’m looking forward to what this year has to offer!

Pi Day Countdown

posted February 25, 2009 – 11:07 am
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