I just finished sewing stripes on two togas – costumes for the “Ancient Rome”-themed party at Paganello. In about 14 hours, I’ll be on a plane headed for Italy, where I’ll spend the next two weeks. The itinerary is: Venice, Bologna, Rimini (for Paga), and finally a few days recuperating from the tournament in Cinque Terre. I’ve been pretty busy at work the past few weeks, so it was really only Friday afternoon that I realized how soon I was leaving, and started to get excited. Now, I can’t wait!

And to recap a bit of what’s been going on lately: this year’s Pi(e) Party was a great time, and certainly the largest yet. Knowing it was growing, I rented a great loft space on Capitol Hill, which worked out perfectly. It held everyone just fine, and there were no neighbors to bother when we were dancing up a storm ’til 2 AM. Some (only mildly debaucherous) photos are up here (thanks Rif and Anna for the inspiration for the photo booth).

My most recent China trip was fun (highlight: visiting the Shenzhen Electronics Market), but felt more like work than the previous ones had. Not such a bad thing since it is, after all, work. I did tack on a quick weekend visit with Becky in Hawaii, which was good fun (and a nice way to break up the long flight home). There are a few photos (mostly from a long layover in Tokyo) here.

After all the China trips, and now Italy, you’d think I’d be getting tired of traveling… and you’d be right. I’m pretty excited that I have no plans to be on an airplane again for several months once I get back from Europe. And, since I’m (mostly) opting out of competitive ultimate this summer, I’m really looking forward to exploring more around the Northwest – hiking, camping, biking, etc – as well as taking advantage of a great time of year in Seattle and staying home for a change. Happy spring, looking towards summer!

posted April 4, 2009 – 10:32 pm
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