It’s been quite the week of computer- and domain related changes.

For starters, I switched’s email over to use Google Apps. Email sent to my address is now handled by Google’s server, and actually forwarded to my Gmail account. This seems to be the most flexible setup; I can read my mail from anywhere and send replies from any account I want, but everything is still linked to my calendar and my Google reader feed. Though the solution feels rather Google-intensive, I do have fallback solutions should I want to extricate myself from the not-so-evil-empire, and it’s much more convenient in the meantime than anything else.

As it happens, my email move also coincided with a transition in web-hosting. Former host Cedant was bought out by Aplus, and they finally switched me over to the new servers this past weekend. Unfortunately, a whole bunch of emails seem to have been misplaced during the transfer. They’re looking for them, but I’m not super-optimistic, and it doesn’t leave me with a particularly good feeling about my new hosting company.

Lastly, Blogger just announced that they’re discontinuing FTP publishing for blogs. Apparently, I’m in the minority (0.5% of their active blogs) that actually use this feature, and I’ll have to figure out a new solution to publishing here. Finally time to switch over to WordPress? Probably so…

posted February 5, 2010 – 6:05 am
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