Eventually, I will figure out how best to present images to you, just like eventually, I will figure out a permanent web-hosting solution. For the time being, though, PicasaWeb/Google seems to be as good a place as any to put photos (though I’m happy Flickr updated their browsing interface).

Deirdre and Claire’s wedding prompted me to break out the medium format camera, and I discovered an undeveloped roll of film in there from last year. 60 Minute Photo on Capitol Hill does a great job developing film, and will scan photos in for a totally reasonable price as well.

In the living room, on Bainbridge

The roll in the camera was from last fall, the beginning of a very up-and-down 5 or 6 months in my life (and, as it happens, Drew’s as well). No matter the bitter-sweetness of the times, I do love having the photographs, which in retrospect, capture not just moments in time but some feelings as well. They are all posted here.

Whit and Drew

In contrast, the photographs from the wedding are unequivocably happy and joyous, and will for a long time remind of the great times that was the wedding weekend up near Mt. Baker. Full set is here.

posted August 22, 2010 – 12:24 pm
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