It was a while back now (last year!), but my friend Megan and I hosted a modern dinner — at least that’s what we called it. We tried to create a menu that incorporated some newer, more unusual cooking techniques while still including approachable, delicious food. We served:

  • Oysters with wasabi sorbet
  • Soft-boiled quail eggs with anchovy mayonnaise, cubed lardoons, olive tapenade and microgreens
  • Sous vide cooked salmon with sake jelly and orange-soy jelly
  • Cucumber-wrapped gin and tonic jelly shots
  • Roasted beets with pistachio crumble and tarragon-orange goat cheese
  • Sous vide lamb with red wine reduction, sauteed mushrooms and mushroom foam
  • Anise-orange scented cheesecake with blueberry sauce

Along with plenty of wine, of course. I’d call it a success!

It was a great chance to give the new sous vide cooker a workout, and it performed admirably. The salmon was just perfect — cooked quite rare & delicately, all the flavor captured inside. The lamb was a little less spectacular, having given up most of its juices in the 24 hour cooking process (and we did little to add them back), but still quite tasty.

posted January 23, 2011 – 8:42 pm
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