I posted the rest of the photos from my most recent China trip — check ’em out here.

Yulong Bridge

While there were some definite highlights from this trip (traveling to Yangshuo with Abe, in particular), I’m happy to report that I won’t be going back to China for quite a while. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get to know some new places, learn a ton about manufacturing, reconnect with old friends, and learn a new language, but traveling as much as I do — I count 16 China/Taiwan trips in the past 3 years — is also challenging and stressful. I’ve given my notice at Microsoft, and my last day is coming right up. I’m excited to explore and define the next chapter in my work life as well as have a little more time in Seattle for friends, projects and fun.

posted June 15, 2011 – 2:03 pm
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