Some friends recently offered up some plums from the tree in their yard. Well, implored me to take some is perhaps more apt. I now understand the dilemma of having something as wonderful as a fruit tree — you’re inundated with more delicious plums than you could possibly eat, bake into goodies, preserve, give away or huck at crows, ever, in your life. In the span of a week or two. So I happily took delivery of a small box of plums, and turned them into 5 or 6 pints of delicious ginger plum jam.

And then another friend mentioned they had a plum tree in their yard, and they were going away for a while and did I want to pick some plums? Oh, why not?

15 pounds of plums

15 pounds of plums later came plum cake, plum chutney (two kinds), hibiscus plum jam, not to mention quite a few eaten fresh. I like it all, but I’m ready for the next thing, and also, I’m out of canning jars.

posted September 17, 2012 – 10:59 pm
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