Old News
Canary wood Box

In August of 2004, I made this box for my grandmother's 90th birthday.

It started with a nice board of canary wood that I got on sale at Rockler. Since the board was about an inch thick and I wanted thinner sides, I needed to resaw the board. Good thing I build a frame saw, eh?

Partially sawn board

I cut most of the way through the board with the table saw (to save time), and finished the cut with my frame saw:

Board split down the middle

I planed and scraped the cut surfaces flat, then cut the sides of the box to size:

Sides of the box

I used the table saw to cut the finger joints. Then, I cut and shaped the top. I decided to leave the nice semi-natural edge on the front of the top - it has a really nice texture to it.

The top is hinged with two nails with their heads cut off - there are small holes for the nail "axles" in the sides.

Open box

The bottom is just a piece of plywood glued on. I signed this box since it was a gift:

Box bottom

Here it is:

Finished box

As a side note - this was the first time I tried to take nice pictures of a project of mine in my house. I think they came out pretty well, considering I invested no money in any extra lighting, etc. Here's my setup:

Camera Setup

Some things to note: