Old News

February 2001, ADD Productions made a dolly to use in an upcoming movie. You can view some of the other pictures we took below, or check out the footage [removed] we took using it.

We made the dolly by securing two pieces of particle-board (these form the deck) to a frame of 2x4's, creating the platform. The wheels are 10" wheelbarrow wheels that have ball-bearings, and are secured to the dolly using large nuts & bolts. The rear wheels are fixed to a small frame of 2x4's, while the front ones can move so you can steer. The steering mechanism uses a 4" lazy-suzan to join another frame of 2x4's to the platform. Since taking the pictures, we added a handle attached to the steerable portion - the handle is made of metal pipes and is much like a kid's wagon handle.

Dolly Underside

Other Images
Anna, weilding the deadly sandpaper.
Danielle, defending herself against the sandpaper.
Another picture of the dolly, showing how the front wheels can turn.
Anna and Danielle
Anna and Danielle, showing off our creation.
Anna with the dolly.
Me on top of the dolly - it can easily support my weight.