Old News

Some good friends of mine found themselves menorah-less this Hannukah (2003). The only thing to do, of course, was to make them one.

I wandered through the hardware store and heard the copper tubing calling to me. This device makes cutting the pipe a piece of cake:

Pipe Cutter

I came up with a design, bought enough fixtures (elbow joints, T joints, & caps) for it, and cut a bunch of pipe. Here it is ready for gluing:

Menorah Parts

I found some washers that were the right size to hold Hannukah candles (well, at least the ones I found - is there a regulation size?). They're standard 5/16 flat washers. I glued a few of them to each end cap:

Candle Holders

I used two-part epoxy (can get it at any hardware store) and just used a little at each joint:

Gluing everything together

All done:

Finished menorah