A little over 10 years after I came into possession of it, I turned an old PUMA robot arm into a robot bartender, dubbed by the crowd at its debut Sir Mix-a-Bot. This is a collection of photos and videos of the process and finished project; you can read more about it here.


Robot bartender, mixing drinks
Pouring a bottle
The unveiling
Watching the first drink get made
Brass bottle holder
The finished table top
The robot bartender, complete
Bottle in the gripper
Robot bartender, finished
Back view of the arm, when I first got it
Front view of the arm
The original controller backplane
Band saw jig for the cabinet walls
One of the original controller boards
My PCB layout, in progress
The underside of the original controller
Custom-made I/O panel
Inlaying a brass disc
Another shot inside the original controller
The cabinet, under construction
Inlaid pieces
The cabinet, under construction
The cabinet, under construction
The cabinet, under construction
One of the walls of the cabinet
Veneered cabinet walls
Calibrating the arm
Beefy capacitors in the original controller
The giant connector for the arm
Control system, as of 2011
The front of the original controller
Close-up of the edge banding
Gluing up the edge banding
Trial electronics arrangement
Finished arm at ALTSpace
Gear inlay in-progress
Rendering of the gripper
PCB in-progress
Screen-shot of Matt's IK software
Table top with veneer and holly inlay
Shop-made tool to scrape inlay to thickness
Opto-isolators from the original I/O Module
The keyhole for the cabinet lock
How the lock is mortised into the cabinet
A view inside the arm
Motion Mind module controlling the arm
Martini glass inlay in-progress
Martini glass inlay in-progress
The bartender's menu
One of the smaller motors, removed from the arm
My custom-designed PCBs
Decoding the quadrature signals
The original teach pendant
Making the picture frame for the menu
Sir Mix-a-Bot, at your service...
The prototype table
A name is chosen!
Software flowchart
Inlaid table
Table top inlay, in progress
Table top with routed grooves
Trimming the table top
The upper arm
Gluing up the veneer
Veneer arrangement