Old News
Table Saw

In early November of 2003, I bought a table saw. The table saw pictured above, in fact. I got it through the Want Advertiser for not too much money, considering its mass and relative condition. It's a Rockwell model 34-400, and according to Delta (who bought Rockwell), mine was made in April of 1965. Pretty impressive that it's still in fine working order.

The tabletop and extension wings are cast iron, making this a very heavy machine. Even getting it in to the garage was tricky... Before I could really use it, I need to make a few modifications:

I had to dig out quite a lot of gunk, but I managed to liberate the positive stop adjustment screws on the top of the table, and set the 45° and 90° stops with my combination square:

Setting the positive stops

More recently, I've built a cross-cut sled to aid in safe cutting, and will undoubtedly add to this page as I learn and build more.