The car is almost sold – it seems like these things are never as cut and dry as you’d like (at least not as much as I’d like). Unfortunately, the concept of a bank check (and why it’s necessary) seems to evade some people.

I added a page on Craft Day. If you’re interested in getting on the invite list for craft day, send me an email. Look for pictures and updates after next weekend.

An update on the lathe woes from a few days ago: Walter, the resident machinist & expert at work, said there are a few tips for turning steel on a smaller lathe:

  • Go slower! The speed should be quite low (maybe 100 RPM or so) and the feed should be pretty much as slow as possible.
  • Use a sharper toolbit. ‘Nuff said.
  • Only take off a few thousandths at a time (more than 0.010″ at a time is too much).
  • Tighten all the gibs & make sure there’s as little of the toolbit hanging beyond the holder as possible – this will significantly reduce chatter.

Guess I’ve got stuff to try this weekend.

posted February 1, 2002 – 7:47 am
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