Well, I feel cheated. I was going to write about how much I was looking forward to dinner tonight with my folks at a nice restaurant. Considerate as I am, I was also planning on including a link to the restaurant’s entry in the Zagat (like they’re gonna get a link now) Guide. Sadly, Zagat decided to make their listings open to subscribers only (and an online subscription costs more than the dead-tree version of the guide), and also decided to do so without giving any advanced notice. Poop on them, I say – if they’re interested in treating their customers like that, I’m not interested in being a customer.

[ N.B. – And I was a customer. I actually bought the paper versions of the guide every year, even though the listings were online for free. ]

But you should still go to Oleana, a great restaurant on Hampshire Street in Cambridge. They’re nice, accept reservations, don’t ask for more money than they said upfront, and make a mean Baked Alaska.

posted October 4, 2002 – 11:00 am
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