Surprisingly, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time at work lately, as we had a big project to finish up today. It all got done, and now I’m surfing the web all day. Any suggestions for time-wasters?

I finished Seabiscuit a few days ago – what a great book! It’s a very engaging, well-told story. Read it.

I watched Monkey Business (the Marx Brothers film) last night. By far the best scene is when all four brothers, in succession, try to convince an officer that they are actually Maurice Chevalier. For a film made in 1931, it really holds up quite well – check it out.

In my quest to watch some Marx Brothers movies, I discovered that Blockbuster Video sucks, and Hollywood Express is a lot better, assuming you live in Cambridge/Somerville where they have several locations. Whereas Blockbuster had zero Marx Brothers movies in stock (at two stores, mind you!), Hollywood Express had a whole shelf full of them, for the same rental price, and since it was Tuesday, it was two-for-one. I’m cutting my Blockbuster card in half as I type…

Sunday is craft day – c’mon over and play.

posted November 8, 2002 – 6:27 am
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