More election thoughts, now that enough results are in (looks like our next Governor’s name is “Mitt” – ugh!):

As of 10:48 PM, according to, with fifty-some percent of the votes tallied, Romney is up 52% to O’Brien’s 43%. What makes me so mad is that O’Brien and Clinton (who was in town recently to stump for the Democrat) made such a big deal about votes for Jill Stein amounting to votes for Romney when the election turned out to be enough of a romp that even twice Jill Stein’s votes wouldn’t have helped O’Brien.

I’m really not thrilled at all that Mitt won, and I’ll spend plenty of time writing him strongly worded letters about what he can do as my representative on Beacon Hill, but O’Brien sorta brought it on herself. Her campaign was pretty poorly run, and I can’t say I’m shocked.

posted November 5, 2002 – 7:58 pm
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