There used to be a big department store in Cambridge called Lechmere (now there’s just a T stop). They were known around MIT for their lax return policy – they’d take anything back in any condition, up to 30 days later. The students took to using the word as a verb. To “lechmere” something was to buy it, use it for a short amount of time, and return it. Think big screen TV for the Superbowl, vacuum cleaner ’cause your parents were coming to visit, etc.

I hereby propose the addition of the verb “kinko” to the English language. The definition, of course, is to royally screw someone by misrepresenting possible outcomes in a manner which also delays them from successfully completing their goal in a timely way.

I have been kinkoed. They lied, stalled, screwed up, and took up my time and money – avoid the Den of Evil like the plague.

posted December 3, 2002 – 11:47 am
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