I added some new pictures to the Art page and the Machining page. The only piece that’s actually new is the trivet; the others I finished some time ago and just neglected to post. Check ’em out.

As anticipated, the move in the snow last week was unpleasant, but everything seemed to go as well as could be expected – it was wet, cold, and didn’t really help anyone’s spirits. Everyone (and everything) survived, though, so tomorrow will tell whether there’s any unseen permanent damage (to egos, electronics, etc.).

Thanksgiving in New York was a good time. I even saw a movie (if you know me, you know I don’t see many) – my relatives dragged me to see The Ring. Word on the street is there’s a Japanese version (the original) that’s even scarier. No thanks. Hard to believe this one was only PG-13.

On a side note, do you think it’s weird that the MPAA ratings search page links to the IMDB instead of the official site (or its own database). Conspiracy? Probably.

posted December 1, 2002 – 9:26 pm
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