For the second time this week, I got to work more than fifteen minutes late ’cause of traffic. Monday, I got to the highway and found it a seven mile parking lot. I managed to avoid sitting in it for hours, but going the back way took a while. And then today, a truck full of methane tipped over causing officials to intermittently close portions of several major highways. Driving just sucks.

In somewhat related news, on our way back from Plymouth this weekend, my brother and I counted cars on the road and divided them in to two categories: those that got above 25 miles per gallon and those that didn’t. We were generous, I would say, and when we were in doubt about a car’s mileage, we assumed it could do better than 25 miles per gallon. Counting 50 or so cars (and SUV’s, minivans, and pickups – all passenger vehicles) the split was right down the middle – half better than 25, half worse. According to the EPA and this article, the average mileage for new cars in 2003 was about 21 mpg, so we weren’t too far off in our counting. That’s appalling!

posted September 10, 2003 – 8:00 am
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