This past weekend, my brother and I went on a nice bike trip from Plymouth to Provincetown along the Claire Saltonstall Bikeway. It’s not so much a bike path as it is a route – there are signs guiding you from road to road (and eventually, for about 20 miles, on the Cape Cod Rail Trail).

We rode on Saturday from Plymouth to Eastham (about 60 miles or so) and from Eastham to P-town on Sunday (another 30 miles). The weather was spectacular, and we were lucky to have a great place to stay for Saturday night in Eastham: our friends have a house right on a fresh-water pond for swimmin’ with a great deck and a hottub, all not 50 yards from the bike path. And of course, there was good ice cream all along the way. The ferry back to Plymouth Sunday evening was also quite pleasant, though we were tired and mostly just napped at sea.

So three cheers not only for our friends in Eastham, but for Rubel BikeMaps, whose Eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod maps proved clear and invaluable.

Look for a few pictures soon…

posted September 9, 2003 – 8:10 am
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