NYC was a good time. We saw a nice design exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt and enjoyed a relaxing Sunday wandering the galleries of SoHo.

I got the table saw up and running last night with some lifting help from my brother. I put some grease on the various moving parts inside the table and reattached the motor. I discovered, among other things, that I can’t run the saw and my portable heater at the same time (it trips the circuit breaker), but other than that, it seems to be in fine shape. I made a few test cuts and was very happy with the results: the surfaces were very smooth and it wasn’t too loud. I do need to build some kind of base for it, though, ’cause it’s very low as it sits now.

Craft Day is Sunday! It’s been quite a while, but I’m hoping we’ll have them more regularly throughout the winter.

posted November 11, 2003 – 9:31 am
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