I haven’t had much time to spend with the table saw, but I found a half hour last night to clean up the mechanism that raises and tilts the blade. I also discovered the location of set screws that let you adjust the positive stops at 0 and 45°, but they were so coated in grime and gunk that it took about 15 minutes to unearth them. Once I got them all cleaned out, I used my combination square to set the blade angles and then locked the set screws in place.

I haven’t decided how serious to get with restoring the machine, but these guys have a good guide to restoring old machinery (as well as good advice for buying it).

Today, I called up Delta in the hopes of getting a manual for the saw. They happily took my name and address and are sending out the manual and parts list (neither of which seem to be available on their website) free of charge. Not bad customer service…

I’m off to NYC for the weekend.

posted November 7, 2003 – 11:21 am
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