It’d already been a big week in the shop for me as I finished the coffee table and found a toolchest, but to add to the excitement, I bought a table saw last night! Don’t worry mom, I’m probably more scared of it than you are.

Table saw in my garage

I’d been look in the Want Advertiser for the past few weeks, watching prices and looking at the variety that came through. Finally, this was the week. The saw I found was listed as being “very heavy”, but when I went to pick it up, found that it was mostly due to it being bolted to a huge (bigger than the table) metal & oak skid with casters. Which is not to say it’s not still heavy – the tabletop is all cast iron – but it was way more manageable. I happily left the monstrous skid behind, disassembled the saw, and managed to fit it in the back seat of my car. Good car.

With a little help from Gabe & Tova (thanks, guys!), I got it into the garage. The only thing I’ve had a chance to do is put a coat of wax on the tabletop to prevent rust, and sadly I won’t have time to play until next week. I’m giddy like a schoolboy, though…

posted November 6, 2003 – 8:25 am
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