Two car-related updates:

1. You might recall my lucky find of most of a roof-rack back in September. With a company-provided gift certificate to L.L. Bean, I completed the roof-rack for a mere $70 (total actual value, about $300). I haven’t put in on the car yet – I suspect the extra drag will adversely affect my mileage – but I’m happy I can now carry canoes, bikes, large 2×4’s, etc. on my car if I want.

2. It’s been a few days more than a year since I got my Honda Civic Hybrid. I still love it, and would recommend it to anyone buying a new car. Then again, I’ve also heard the 2004 Toyota Prius is good, too, so don’t overlook it. Between only working four days a week and the hybrid, I feel much better about driving to work. A back-of-the-envelope calculation shows that those two moves saves a little less than 200 gallons of gas a year, or around $400 at current prices. Not too shabby!

posted April 12, 2004 – 12:50 pm
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