Paul Krugman has a fantastic opinion piece in the New York Times today. You can check it out here.

To summarize his point of view, with which I whole-heartedly agree: the Bush Administration has run one of the most closed (meaning least observable) governments in the history of our country, and managed to get away with some seriously evil things. “No administration since Nixon has been so insistent that is has the right to operate without oversight or accountability,” he says, and he’s right. A PATRIOT Act that allows the government to investigate and prosecute citizens in comlete secrecy, an unwillingness to abide by international law, and now a call from President Bush for people to “get off his [Rumsfeld’s] case and let him do his job.”

It’s our job to oversee the government, and, in spite of what Bush says, it’d be unpatriotic if we failed to question what’s going on.

posted May 11, 2004 – 6:40 am
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