When I bought my table saw used, it didn’t have some of the safety equipment a new saw would have, most importantly a splitter. A splitter is attached behind the blade and keeps the kerf (the groove left by the blade) from closing up, which, in turn, prevents the saw blade from binding up and/or burning the wood you’re cutting. Recently, I’ve been thinking of making one for my saw (especially since I made some cuts this weekend that would’ve gone much smoother with a splitter), but yesterday got a sales circular from Rockler that they were offering a new product: a new kind of splitter. More info on the product is available here. It looks like a very smart design, the reviews I’ve read are positive, and at $15, it’s not a very big risk, so I’ll probably pick one up in the next few days.

posted May 12, 2004 – 6:38 am
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