In spite of the biting black flies (which I’d never had the pleasure of experiencing), the frisbee tournament in Maine yesterday was good fun. Caleb & Becky and I picked up with one half of the local team (aptly named “Black Fly”) – one heck of a nice group of people. Though it was much lower-key than (and not as competitive as) other tournaments in which we’d played recently, it was about the speed we wanted for a leisurely, Sunday, 4th of July tournament.

We spent Friday night and Saturday hanging out near Portland. Though the Portland Phoenix reviewer didn’t, we enjoyed Siam City, and the beach on Saturday was good, too.

The weather isn’t cooperating today (I’d planned a barbecue), but we’ll make the most of it and have a nice dinner inside instead.

posted July 5, 2004 – 9:37 am
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