I swung by Calumet on my way home last night and picked up my new toy! I only had about ten minutes to spend with it yesterday, but the preliminary results were very impressive. I scanned one color negative and one color slide, and the resulting images from both were not bad, especially considering I didn’t do any futzing with settings. It’s not speedy, but it’ll do the job just fine…

In reading about film scanners in general, I came across two pieces about image histograms and curves. The first is kind of technical and long-winded, but ultimately covers a lot of ground. The second is a little clearer, but goes in to less detail. Both relate more or less directly to scanning film, and it’s clear that getting really good results from any scanner requires using these functions.

I’ll post samples and more observations as I have time to play…

posted August 6, 2004 – 5:59 am
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