Saturday just wasn’t my day. On two occasions, friends that I was meeting up with didn’t show (one says I got the day wrong, but I’m not convinced…), and my car got hit. Fortunately, it was a nice day to be outside waiting for people, and the folks who hit my car were kind enough to leave a note. Oh, and also, my new film scanner broke.

Sunday, on the other hand, was a great day. Rif and I went for a nice bike ride along the river and a great walk in Mt. Auburn Cemetery (where we saw a cormorant, a green heron, and a kingfisher in the span of about 30 seconds). I got some Scrabble playing in (two bingos: REALIzE for 66 points and QUOtERS for 106 points!), and had a really nice dinner out on their patio with my folks. Glad the weekend turned around…

Last week, I finished making my frame saw, and I put up some pictures of the construction process. Check it out here.

posted August 9, 2004 – 7:22 am
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