It was a whirlwind weekend of weddings, among other things. Both my cousin Rebekah and college housemate Amanda were married on Sunday afternoon (at about the same time, not to each other, about 300 miles apart). I spent the better part of the weekend in Ithaca, swimming under waterfalls, visiting the Farmers Market, and touring lower Cayuga Lake.

I took a bunch of pictures at the market (and elsewhere along the way) with the old camera – those photos should be up here in a few days. I’m hopeful the light leak issue has been solved.

On Sunday, I made my way back to Boston for wedding numero deux, and en route discovered a great restaurant in West Stockbridge, MA called The Village Oven.

It’s likely to be a busy frisbee week as both Fall Hat League and Fall Club League start up. I haven’t exercised enough lately, so I’m pretty excited.

posted September 7, 2004 – 6:32 am
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