I have a new theory on the light leak in the Rolleiflex. And it goes. A little something. Like this:

There are two small, red windows on the camera for viewing frame numbers. One is for 120 size film, and is positioned in such a way that any light entering through the window falls directly on the paper backing of the film. I don’t believe this window is causing the light leaks (see some examples here). The other window is for B2 film (6x9cm) – a format I’m not using – and could be causing the leaks.

Because of the window position in the camera, light that leaked in through this second, “B2” window would actually fall on the frame after the currently loaded frame. So if I’m shooting frame number 6, the light leak is already fogging up frame number 7. This explains why I saw a light leak mark on the negative beyond frame number 12 (the last usable frame).

I’ve blocked up the second, “B2” window and will take a roll of film this weekend.

On a related note, Zona Photo Labs finally got a website. They did a beautiful, quick job with both sets of slides I’ve had them develop, and they have a reputation as the place to go in Cambridge/Somerville. Instead of the local Cameras, Inc. (which is slow to develop 120 film ’cause they send it out), I’m gonna try Zona when I shoot the next roll with the Rolleiflex.

posted September 2, 2004 – 8:32 am
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