The Pi(e) Party on Friday was a great success – thanks to all who came. I didn’t take any pictures this year, but there wasn’t too much debauchery to document anyway. Something to shoot for next year, I guess.

I saw Million Dollar Baby last night and was pleasantly surprised. It’s an old-fashioned movie in a lot of ways, but well made and well directed. Clint Eastwood’s acting was bearable and Hillary Swank’s was impressive. I’d recommend it, unless you’re prone to movie-induced depression. It’s not exactly uplifting…

I went out this evening with the new camera and took some pictures. Check ’em out here. I’m enjoying the camera a lot, but one problem I have is remembering to set all the different settings before I take a picture – it’s a little too easy to forget to dial in the ISO & white balance each time I go out. I’m sure it’ll become habit in time…

posted March 13, 2005 – 5:22 pm
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